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Published on April 20, 2015

“For years I used to hide my legs. They were ugly covered with varicose veins, but I could not dare to have them removed by surgery. Now, I am glad I waited, since I got rid of my ugly spider veins on both legs, the bulging vein on my left leg, and thread veins on my ankles the easy way. I had my varicose veins treated at Nu Vela, a beautiful Cosmetic Surgery Center and Vein Clinic in Porter Ranch, not far from Valley Village, where I live. I heard about the Center on a TV ad.

Dr. Dishakjianwas very kind, knowledgeable, and informative. He used a combination of procedures; sclerotherapy injections for the smaller blue veins and spider veins, foam sclerotherapy for the bulging vein on my left leg, and laser treatment for the thread veins of my ankles.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the spider and varicose vein treatment results. The ugly veins had completely gone, the procedures were almost painless, and the general atmosphere of the Vein Center was very comforting, luxurious, and welcoming. In fact, I had the feeling of being treated like a celebrity, although what I paid was very reasonable, almost 20% less than what I was asked to pay at a Beverly Hills vein clinic. Now, after two months, I am planning to spend my summer vacation at a beach resort in Greece, and I am not ashamed of my legs anymore.

Thank you Dr. Dishakjian,”

by Sue Jerdak/Valley Village

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