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Hand Vein Treatments Los Angeles

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face. Hands, which are one of the most “tell tale” signs of ageing are often ignored. Features typical to aging hands and arms are several-fold and present to different degrees. As we age, prominent veins start to show on the arms, our hands loose plumpness, the skin of the back of the hands becomes thinner and our hands begin to reveal ropey veins, tendons, joint protrusions. In addition to looking more skeletal, color changes brought about by age spots and the darkness of veins can often give a bruised and battered look to our hands.

Although arm and hand veins are associated with aging, most patients seeking hand and arm vein treatment at our office are relatively young, middle-aged women. In general, these women have slender frames and have worked hard at the gym to keep in good shape. No doubt, lack of enough fat under the skin, and exercising, particularly weight lifting, make hand and arm veins more noticeable. The problem with exercising and weight lifting is that as our muscles in the arms harden and get enlarged, veins are pushed toward the skin surface and become more prominent.

Unlike varicose veins in the leg, prominent veins on arms and hands are normal functioning veins and don’t have any health implications. Consequently, there is controversy among physicians regarding the treatment of these veins and some would recommend hiding hand veins by plumping up the surrounding skin with fillers. The argument of some doctors discouraging the removal of hand veins is that these veins are potentially needed for future intravenous (IV) access during hospitalization and surgery. This is true, but there is a rich network of superficial and deep veins in the arms and hands which are more than adequate to return blood to the heart and a few can be saved for future need. Accordingly, if you want to get rid of some prominent hand and arm veins for cosmetic enhancement, it is possible and safe, provided your doctor is knowledgeable and selectively leaves a few of the less prominent superficial veins for IV access.

Hand Vein Treatment and Hand Rejuvenation at Nu Vela Vein Center

Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, the vein specialist at the center, has the skills and experience to permanently eliminate unwanted prominent hand and arm veins. Moreover, Dr. Dishakjian is also a cosmetic surgeon specialized in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and uses lasers and dermal fillers on daily basis. Accordingly, after examining your hand and arm veins he will propose the treatment plan that is the best for your hands and budget. Laser and IPL treatments are excellent for removing sun and age spots. Dermal fillers and fat transfer are also great complimentary procedures for hiding your hand veins, exposed tendons, bony knuckles and restoring lost volume. If you wish, Dr. Dishakjian will selectively eliminate your bulging arm and hand veins and hide any remaining veins and joint protrusions with dermal fillers. Dr.Dishakjian will always make sure that at least one superficial vein is readily available in the event of an emergency.


Hand Rejuvenation for Hiding Veins with Radiesse Filler - Before and After Photos
*Individual results may vary.

In principle, any techniques used for leg vein treatment can be used to remove hand and arm veins. These include endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), microphlebectomy, foam sclerotherapy, topical lasers, and sclerotherapy. While all these techniques have been practiced by many physicians in the USA and yield the desirable outcome, Dr. Dishakjian recommends sclerotherapy to most of his patients. His choice is based on the fact that bruising is the least with this treatment, it is the most cost effective among all, the bandaging period is short and the results are dramatic and long lasting.  EVLT treatment for arm vein treatment is unnecessary and costly and risks skin burns, whereas microphlebectomy involves multiple incisions and potential visible scarring and bruising. Surface lasers are painful and effective only on small veins. These veins are also generally small enough in caliber for traditional liquid sclerotherapy, making  foam sclerotherapy treatments unnecessary.


Hand Veins Treated with Sclerotheray
*Individual results may vary.

Sclerotherapy for Hand Vein Treatment

During hand vein sclerotherapy session, a sclerosing solution is injected into the vein through a micro-needle. The tiny needle generally causes very little pain. No anesthetic is needed. The sclerosing solution causes the small veins on the dorsum of the hand to blanch (turn white) and gradually disappear. Clearance of larger veins usually takes a few weeks and in some cases may take up to 6 weeks. A typical hand and arm vein reduction or elimination session may last for 15 to 20 minutes and consists of multiple injections. You will leave the office with a small bandage wrap on your hand, which you may need to wear for a few days. You can drive home if you need to and continue all types of moderate physical activity, but active tanning should be avoided until the healing process is complete. Bruising is minimal and short term if it occurs. So far none of Nu Vela’s patients has ever had an infection or significant complications. Most hand veins typically disappear after only one sclerotherapy session , whereas larger veins on the forearm may need additional sessions  in a few weeks. All patients need to come back for re-evaluation.


Hand Vein Sclerotherapy Removal
*Individual results may vary.


*Individual results may vary.

Cost of Hand Vein Treatment

The fee you pay for hand vein treatment, like leg vein treatments, will strictly depend on the time Dr. Dishakjian spends on eliminating the veins. We do not charge an extra premium for treating hand veins as such. So, rest assured that the overall fee you pay at Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center will be substantially less than the fee quoted by other vein doctors in California, whose fees are in the range of $2500 to $3000 for treating both hands. Note that hand vein therapy is not reimbursable by insurance companies because the treatment is considered strictly cosmetic. Please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk for any questions.