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Reticular Veins

At Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center, we offer effective treatments for a variety of vein conditions including reticular veins. Our medical director, Dr. Raffi Dishakjian is an expert phlebologist who has provided numerous people with outstanding care and results.

What are Reticular Veins?

Reticular veins are larger than spider veins but smaller than varicose veins, approximately 1-3 mm in diameter. They are usually flat and less tortuous than bulging varicose vein and appear as dilated blue and green veins beneath the skin surface. Reticular veins are most often noted in the outer thighs, backs of the thighs and knees, and occasionally on the face and chest. These veins can exist independently but can also be the underlying problem that gives rise to surface spider veins. Because spider veins can result from refluxing reticular veins, they are also known as feeder veins. Removing reticular veins will help eliminate spider veins.


Forms of reticular veins
*Individual results may vary.

Treatment of Reticular Veins

Sclerotherapy, which involves the injection of a sclerosing agent through a fine needle, is the most effective treatment for the elimination of chest and leg reticular veins. Leg reticular veins often require several sclerotherapy injection sessions spread over the period of few months. Although sclerotherapy is sometimes used for the removal of under eye reticular veins; laser elimination of under eye veins is considered to be safer and gives excellent results.

What to Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Raffi Dishakjian will take the time to carefully examine and properly diagnose your reticular veins in order to determine the best course of action for your treatments. He can answer any questions you may have as well. Our team will also let you know what the expected cost of your reticular vein treatment will be.

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If you are in need of an effective way to treat your reticular veins, contact Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center today to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Raffi Dishakjian is a highly skilled and experienced phlebologist who is dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding personalized care.

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