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Facial Vein Treatments Los Angeles

While superficial face veins cause no physical harm, they are definitely a setback to a great complexion. Facial spider veins are most common around the nose and cheeks; whereas reticular veins (dilated bluish vein, usually from 1 mm to less than 3 mm in diameter) are usually found along the cheekbones and temples, under the eyes, around the mouth or across the jawline. Among the many documented causes for developing facial spider veins, exposure to the damaging Sun rays is the single most important factor. Fair-skinned people of northern European descent are more prone to develop them than olive skinned or dark-skinned people. Facial veins are considered cosmetic in nature and their treatment is not covered by insurance plans.


*Individual results may vary.

Lasers Vs Sclerotherapy for Facial Vein Treatment

Among the many available spider vein treatment techniques, light-based treatments are by far the most commonly used ones. These therapies use either laser beams or intense pulse light (IPL) to target the hemoglobin in the blood vessels and destroy the vessels by generating heat. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is similar to laser therapy, except that it uses broadband light instead of focused monochromatic (single wavelength) light and targets more superficial, finer veins.

Facial veins have certain characteristics that make them particularly suitable for light based treatments. Unlike leg veins, facial spider veins are usually of the low pressure variety and are quite similar to each other in size, depth and color, and therefore these veins respond more uniformly to a particular laser setting. More importantly, light based treatments restrict the vessel damage to the targeted sections of the facial spider and reticular veins, without extension of the damage to nearby tissues.

Sclerotherapy injection treatments, on the other hand, carry the uncommon but serious possibility of the injected solution traveling into the network of veins inside the skull or the ophthalmic artery, resulting in loss of vision.

Facial Veins Laser and IPL Treatments at Nu Vela

Dr. R. Dishakjian, the phlebologist and cosmetic surgeon of the center, uses Cutera’s long-pulsed Nd: YAG laser equipped with a contact copper cooling tip for treating the visible facial spider and reticular veins. This Laser is one of the best in the industry in terms of ease of use, power, safety, flexibility and efficacy. It can be optimized for visible facial vessels of any size, color and depth for speedy and effective treatment. During a treatment session, you will be wearing protective goggles and seated in a comfortable position.  Combination of the effective cooling system of the laser and routine use of topical anesthetic cream keep the discomfort of the procedure to a minimum level and dramatically reduces the risk for skin wounds, blisters, and ulcerations.


*Individual results may vary.

Very fine and microscopic facial spider veins, on the other hand, are best treated with Sciton’s Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment. This technique, incidentally, is also the ideal treatment for facial Rosacea, an inflammatory condition characterized by episodic flushing of the facial skin, often lasting for several hours, or persistent redness of the skin with bumps, pimples and visible dilated blood vessels after the progression of the disease.


*Individual results may vary.

Veinwave and VeinGogh are the other options for clearing fine vessels left behind after laser and sclerotherapy, and for eliminating small clusters of spider veins, thread veins, and fine broken vessels on sensitive areas like the cheeks and nose. Veinwave and VeinGogh employ similar technologies and both use a device like a stylus that delivers precisely controlled bursts of microwave energy. When the hair-thin tip of the device is inserted just under the skin, but above a blood vessel, and an energy burst is applied, the targeted vein collapses immediately. There is minimal pain and the skin around the vein is not affected. This process is referred to as ohmic thermolysis. The collapsed vein is eventually absorbed by the body. Within minutes after the session, you can resume your everyday activities without bandages. Any occasional bruising should disappear within a few hours.

Spider vein treatment with laser

The large sapphire window of Cutera’s Excell V laser allows the doctor to see the blood vessel response while treating it.

Sciton's BBL hand piece for treating fine spider veins

Sciton’s BBL hand piece being used for treating fine facial veins.

The VeinGogh stylus

The VeinGogh stylus delivering a tiny, regulated, high frequency current.

Number of Treatment Sessions, Recovery and Results

Facial vein treatment with light-based therapies may require several sessions and can take several weeks before the full effect of the treatment is realized. For instance, extensive finer vessels around the nose may require repeat treatment sessions, whereas larger bluish reticular veins under the eyes more commonly require a single session. Recovery time depends on the extent of the treatment and the individual’s capacity to heal. After the laser therapy, the vessels underneath the skin will gradually disappear within a week in most cases. Once complete clearance is achieved, wearing sunscreen helps prevent the appearance of new veins. Most patients report a high degree of satisfaction with the procedure and relief at no longer having to conceal the unsightly veins.


*Individual results may vary.

Safety and Side Effects of IPL and Laser Treatment of Facial Veins

Individuals with facial veins need to be evaluated prior to laser therapy laser treatment to avoid uneven skin coloration, which may happen especially in people with darker skin tones. Laser therapy of reticular (blue) veins around the eyes can be safely performed as long as the laser beam can be restricted to a safe zone outside of the eye socket (orbital rim). Other side effects of laser treatment of facial veins can include pain (similar to a rubber band snap) and temporary purpura (purple pigmentation of the skin similar to bruising) and darkened skin. Fortunately, compared to other areas of the body, the healing process of the facial skin is much faster; the purpura resolves in a matter of days, occasional pigmentation or scars heal in a short time, and darkened skin can often be successfully treated with a bleaching cream. IPL spider vein treatment is gentler than laser treatment, and accordingly the side effects mentioned above are less common.

Questions about Cost or the Treatment?

Our receptionist will be delighted to assist you with any enquiries regarding cost, additional information, or scheduling a consultation session with Dr. Dishakjian, the vein specialist and cosmetic surgeon of the center.