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Driving from Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks to Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center should only take about 15 minutes, which is why our Simi Valley vein patients continue to come out to us here in Porter Ranch for over a decade. As many of our patients would tell you, finding an expert vein specialist can be life-changing. So, Nu Vela is accustomed to receiving patients from all corners of Southern California.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Nu Vela is conveniently located off the 118 Freeway, right next to the newly built shopping and attraction center at Porter Ranch Vineyard – and it also helps that we have abundant free parking!

Why Simi Valley Vein Patients Should Choose Us

If you are looking for outstanding, personalized vein care with lasting treatment outcome, then you are at the right place. At Nu Vela, you will be given every relevant treatment option. Moreover, every stage of your treatment will be personally performed by a specialist physician rather than a nurse or technician.

Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, the phlebologist of the vein center, is one of the most experienced and renowned vein doctors in the Los Angeles area. In fact, he has appeared several times on national TV news, such as ABC’s Eye Witness News, for being a pioneer at implementing minimally invasive endovenous varicose vein treatments in Southern California. Since the establishment of the vein clinic over a decade ago, Dr. Dishakjian has successfully treated thousands of vein patients.

Treatments Provided by Our Vein Clinic

You can view our extensive list of treatment options provided by Dr. Dishakjian by clicking vein treatments Porter Ranch. Below is a concise summary of the services we offer as a vein clinic and a medical spa. Note that only an in-person consultation with Dr. Dishakjian will truly help you determine what the best treatment option is for you.

EVLT and Venefit

Two FDA-approved, non-surgical, endovenous varicose vein treatments that address the underlying condition responsible for the formation of varicose veins, known as venous reflux. One of the treatments, EVLT, relies on the infrared energy released by a laser fiber inserted into a vein. The other, Venefit, uses a catheter that emits radiofrequency to collapse the vein from within.


During a session, the doctor injects a sclerosant solution into a vein causing it to shrink and eventually disappear. Dr. Dishakjian uses Sclerotherapy for the removal of spider veins, as well as the blue veins, known as reticular veins, of the hand, chest and breast.

Foam Sclerotherapy

Foam Sclerotherapy a modified version of sclerotheray that uses a foamed sclerosant, instead of a solution. During the procedure, your doctor monitors the spread of the foam with Ultrasound imaging. The foam minimizes the amount of injected sclerosant solution needed by the larger veins and branch varicosities.

Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is a treatment that Dr. Dishakjian is famous for. Patients from all over Southern California seek out this treatment at our vein center for the removal of blue veins on the face, including the under-eye region and temples, as well as some chest veins.


A minimally invasive procedure for the very superficial veins of the leg. During a microphlebectomy session, Dr. Dishakjian uses a small hook and pulls out the vein through a tiny incision that he has made on the skin.



Medical Spa Services

Besides being a phlebologist, Dr. Dishakjian is a cosmetic surgeon specialized in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, such as dermal fillers, Sculptra, and Botox. Other cosmetic treatments provided by the doctor include

  • Titan light therapy for skin-tightening
  • IPL for skin rejuvenation and thread vein removal
  • Profractional laser for wrinkle removing
  • laser resurfacing
  • lipotherapy for dissolving pockets of body fat
  • acne scar removal

We are confident that after you scan through our website, visit our photo gallery, and read the reviews written by our patients, you will feel confident in scheduling an appointment with Nu Vela.

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