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Chest Vein Treatments Los Angeles

At Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center, we specialize in the treatment of a variety of vein issues including chest veins. Dr. Dishakjian is one of the top-rated varicose vein doctors in Los Angeles and strives to provide amazing results for patients looking for chest vein treatments in Los Angeles.


Like hand and facial veins, visible chest veins like spider veins and reticular veins (blue veins with a diameter of 1 mm to less than 3 mm) usually cause no physical harm. Nevertheless, some people are uncomfortable or self-conscious about veins showing on their chest and breast. Only in rare cases, blue veins on the chest may be ascribed to a serious disease. Liver cirrhosis is one such example but can be ruled out in the absence of other symptoms associated with the disease.

Chest veins tend to be more pronounced in fair-skinned women, especially when their skin gets thinner and loses collagen due to aging. Moreover, the skin of the Décolleté area in most women gets a disproportionately high degree of sun exposure and is therefore prone to suffer excessive sun damage and photo aging, which on the chest manifests itself as blotchy, dilated capillaries mixed with freckles on the center of the chest above the breasts.

In the absence of sun damage or disease, chest spider veins and blue veins may develop simply because some people have hereditary component for their development. They can begin during puberty due to rapid expansion of the breasts, and later, due to losing weight too fast or physical exercises involving weight lifting. Other important causes for developing chest veins include surgery, especially breast augmentation or breast lifting and radiation therapy for cancer patients.


Laser spider vein removal of chest veins
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Chest Vein Treatment Options

Breast veins may sometimes disappear with time, especially after pregnancy, but most chest veins won’t disappear without intervention. Herbal supplements, vitamin K, and topical ointments often have very limited effectiveness on these veins. Camouflaging the chest veins with self tanners is another option, but is only a temporary solution for hiding the veins. These veins are best treated by a skillful and competent vein doctor experienced in handling a combination of needle and light/laser-based treatments. The results should be effective, long-lasting, and cosmetically very appealing.

The choice of the minimally invasive chest vein treatment depends on the nature, size, and depth of the veins. Fat transfer for hiding these veins, sometimes recommended by cosmetic surgeons, is an extensive and painful procedure, and therefore is not a good option. Treatments suitable for chest vein treatment include:

Tailored to your needs, chest vein removal can involve more than one type of treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, the vein specialist of the center, will create a treatment plan that is the best for eliminating your chest veins. Note that Dr. Dishakjian is also a cosmetic surgeon specialized in cosmetic laser surgery and unlike many other vein centers in Southern California, our vein center, Nu Vela, houses a number of the most innovative, state-of-the-art lasers and advanced light systems for treating a variety of conditions, including unwanted veins.

Sclerotherapy for Chest and Breast Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy entails the injection of a sclerosing solution directly into a vein using a very fine needle. The treated vein collapses and gradually disappears within a few weeks. This treatment with injections is a suitable option for eliminating chest and breast reticular veins and for spider veins that are thick enough for injections. Patients with breast implants should not be concerned about rupturing the implants because sclerotherapy injections are very superficial.

Temporary bruising and short-term tenderness are common after sclerotherapy, but patients can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. The number of treatments needed depends on the amount and severity of your chest veins. Most patients experience major improvement a few weeks after the first sclerotherapy session, but may need additional sclerotherapy or laser treatments for best results.
Following the treatment, patients are advised to protect the treated area from sun exposure and as a precaution, not to have mammograms for three months after breast vein sclerotherapy.

Our website contains an extensive description of sclerotherapy and a host of answers to FAQ about the procedure because it is routinely performed by Dr. Raffi Dishakjian to treat not only chest veins, but veins on the legs, hands, and arms. Please go to sclerotherapy for details of the procedure or go to sclerotherapy FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

Laser Chest Vein Removal

Cutera’s long-pulsed Nd: YAG laser that is available at our vein center provides another excellent option for treating spider and reticular veins that appear on the chest and breasts. This long-wavelength laser, equipped with a contact copper cooling tip, can be optimized to treat the superficial veins of different colors and depths that appear on the chests of patients of most skin types.

Wearing protective goggles during the procedure and the use of topical anesthetic cream combined with the effective cooling of the system dramatically reduces the risk for eye damage, skin burns, and keeps the discomfort during the procedure to a minimum.

Recovery time depends on the extent of the treatment, the type of vein, and the individual’s capacity to heal. Some treated reticular veins disappear within a week or so, while some spider veins may need additional treatments before they vanish. Chest vein laser treatment results are long-lasting, especially when the patient is careful about limiting sun exposure by the application of sunscreen to the treated area.

IPL for Chest Vein Removal

Whereas lasers emit focused monochromatic (single wavelength) light, IPL machines transmit unfocused broadband light through a hand piece. Accordingly, the light emitted by IPL is less penetrable into the skin, but is absorbed by targets having different colors; not a single color target, as is the case with laser therapy.

In vein treatment, IPL is the treatment of choice for the very superficial broken capillaries caused by sun damage that appear on the exposed parts of our body with delicate skin, such as the face and chest. IPL therapy can also help eliminate any fine and microscopic veins left behind after sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment.

Numbing cream is applied on the skin about an hour before an IPL vein removal procedure. During the treatment, protective goggles are worn to protect the eyes from light damage, and a cooling gel is applied on the skin to minimize discomfort and help cool off the area before and after the application of light energy.

The diffuse patchy pinkish areas, which often appear after IPL chest vein treatment, disappear within a few hours.

IPL vein removal is gentler than laser treatment, and accordingly, the side effects mentioned above for laser chest vein removal are much milder. You will often be advised to cover the treated area with a protective skin ointment for the first day or so. The treated chest veins should gradually disappear within one to three weeks. A second treatment session in a few weeks may also be necessary in some cases. Like with lasers, it is important to protect the treated areas from sun damage. For more about the subject click laser and light treatment of veins.

Ppreparing For Your Chest Vein Treatment

Patients needing laser and IPL treatments should avoid sun tanning during the weeks preceding the treatments. Tanning decreases the color difference between the veins and the skin and makes the treatment potentially more challenging, less safe, and less effective. Patients should also avoid taking NSAID medications (such as ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin), vitamin E, and stop the use of photosensitizing medications, as these may exaggerate the skin’s response to the treatment.


There are a variety of options for treating chest veins that we offer at Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center. During your consultation, Dr. Dishakjian will go over each treatment option available to you and can let you know which treatment is right for you. The cost of your chest vein treatment will depend on the type of treatment performed. During your consultation, our team can also answer any additional questions you may have regarding price and the payment options we accept.


Contact Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center at 818.832.4500 now to schedule a consultation for your chest vein treatment in Los Angeles. Dr. Dishakjian is one of the top-rated varicose vein doctors in the Los Angeles area and will be sure to provide you with amazing care and results.

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