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Patient Information

How to prepare for a treatment

  • For any injection treatment we recommend that you stop intake of NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin etc.), baby aspirin as well as any herbal supplements that you may be taking. These may increase your chances of bleeding and bruising from injections and procedures. The most commonly consumed supplements in this list include Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginger, Dong Quai, Ephedra, Feverfew, St. John’s Wort and/or Omega 3 fatty acids. If you take anti-clotting prescription medications for a heart or vascular condition, please consult with your prescribing physician first.
  • For leg vein treatments
    • Bring with you a pair of short cut shorts.
    • If you own a pair of graduated compression stockings, please bring them with you. If you don’t, no worries. We most probably have them for you in both thigh high and pantyhose configuration and in black and beige (see our compression therapy page).
    • A pair of comfortable walking shoes and loose-fitting pants.
    • Avoid shaving your legs within 24 hours of the appointment as alcohol antiseptic spray applied on the skin may cause stinging sensation.

Office Hours

We see patients by appointment only. We are open on most weekdays and some Saturdays. We close for most holidays and Sundays. Don’t hesitate to call the office at 818-832-4500 for appointments. Our answering service will forward your calls even if we are not in the office.

Appointment policy

  • For first time visits we charge patients a nominal fee of $75 to book an appointment. This appointment fee is entirely credited back to you towards any future service fee.
  • For any appointment cancellation, please give us at least 24-hour advance notice. We will then refund your appointment fee.
  • For missed appointments (no show), your appointment fee will not be refundable or credited.


Professional fees are paid at the time the services are provided. We accept cash, debit cards and major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and AMEX) and checks with valid ID’s. Financing is available through CareCredit®. If financing is convenient for you, we encourage you to contact CareCredit® ahead of time.


Insurance benefits may apply only to treatments related to symptomatic varicose veins, which are considered medically indicated and necessary. Although we are not an in-network provider with any commercial insurance plan, we will work with most PPO health plans to get the necessary pre-authorization or pre-certification so you can get the benefits that you are entitled to, based on your symptoms and physical findings and ultrasound results, and most importantly your out of network benefits, deductibles and co-pay. We will provide you with all billing codes for the required diagnostic and professional services upon request. For a nominal billing fee, and as a courtesy to our patients, we will also submit your claim to the insurance company for processing. To help us facilitate insurance coverage, please bring your insurance card with you on your first visit.

Insurance reimbursement is unpredictable and varies widely for any given procedure. In fact, many health plans fees are set below the customary and usual charges. For these reasons we expect upfront payment of the usual and customary amount on the day of the procedure. When your insurance claim is reimbursed later, you will receive the full amount (minus the billing fee), and up to what you paid us upfront for the service.


We do accept traditional Medicare (not Medicare advantage HMO plans) for medically necessary varicose vein treatments. These are handled on assignment for medical indicated procedures without out of pocket upfront payments. Bills are submitted directly to Medicare. All Medicare payments are sent directly to our practice. You will be, however, responsible for the Medigap or co-pay, unless you have a supplemental policy which covers your co-pay.

HMOs and MediCal and Workers’ Compensation

We do not participate with most HMO’s, Medicare Advantage HMO plans, MediCal, and Workman’s compensation insurance plans.


Plenty of complimentary parking is available on our parking lot.


Our porter ranch location is conveniently located near the intersection of several freeways (118, 405, 5, 170, 210 Freeways) in northern Los Angeles county and provides easy access and alternate routes around busy freeway intersections to our patients from Los Angeles county, Ventura county, kern county, Santa Barbara county, Orange county and San Bernardino county.


Our building is designated for medical and dental use and as such is a smoke free zone. If you must smoke, please do so outside and away from the building entrance.

Eating /drinking

We prefer that you come in having had a light meal and good hydration before your appointment. In some cases, hypoglycemia and dehydration may make certain patients prone to experiencing a “passing out” reactions with needle injections. We ask you, however, not to consume food on the office premises.

Cell Phones / Pagers

We understand your need to be in contact with work and family. However, it is a distraction when your device becomes audible during treatments. We request that you please either turn your device off or place it on silent/vibrate mode.

Travel and vacations

We encourage our patients undergoing sclerotherapy injections or varicose vein treatments (EVLT, Venefit, or Microphlebectomy) to be ambulatory after treatment. For this reason, it is important to avoid long distance air or land travel for two weeks after treatment to avoid prolonged immobility.

Sun Avoidance

We recommend that you avoid significant sun exposure or tanning beds until all bruising has disappeared following injections and some laser treatments

Children on premises

Generally speaking, the office is not small child friendly space and we prefer that you make alternate childcare arrangement ahead of time. We do not offer on-site childcare services for patients.

For any further questions you can always contact us using our contact form, send us an email, or  or call us directly at 818-832-4500.

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