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Sclerotherapy for Vein Treatment in Los Angeles

Sclerotherapy is a relatively simple reticular and spider vein removal procedure. The technique, widely used by vein doctors in Los Angeles, involves the use of a tiny needle to inject a sclerosing solution into a problem vein, causing it to collapse and fade.

When performed by a skilled and experienced vein specialist, sclerotherapy renders excellent results making it the gold standard for leg spider veins and reticular veins (blue 1-3 mm veins). It is also a safe and effective treatment for permanently removing blue chest veins and prominent hand and arm veins.

Sclerosing agents that are used for vein injection therapy are mild solutions that allow relatively painless, yet predictable treatment. The needles that are used are very thin, making the injections very tolerable by almost all patients.

Sclerotherapy Spider Vein
*Individual results may vary.

When your vein doctor treats your leg spider and reticular veins with this injection therapy, not only the appearance of your legs improves dramatically, but the bothersome symptoms associated with these veins also significantly improve. These include burning, aching, swelling and night cramps.

Note that the technique treats only those veins that are currently present, whether visible or not to the naked eye, and does nothing to prevent the emergence of entirely new spider veins in the future.

It should be pointed out that while sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment for spider and blue veins, varicose vein treatment is often best accomplished with some alternate methods. These are known as foam sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, and endovenous thermal vein closure techniques.

Sclerotherapy Injections

The Sclerotherapy Procedure

The typical treatment session at Nu Vela Laser and Vein Center in Los Angeles is relatively quick, lasting only about 30 to 60 minutes. The time required for eliminating isolated reticular veins is usually much shorter.

During the procedure, Dr. Dishakjian locates the problem veins while you lie on an examination table. To that end, the doctor uses a small hand-held ring device.

When placed in direct contact with the skin, the ring device provides uniform illumination of the skin from beneath. This allows your doctor to locate even the tiniest veins as well as hard-to-find deeper feeder veins. The technique is known as transilluminated sclerotherapy. The treatment of feeder veins is important for long lasting treatment outcome.

During the injections, most patients hardly feel any pain because Dr. Dishakjian mixes some local anesthetic in the solution that he injects. For the more sensitive areas, such as the ankle, Dr. Dishakjian, uses a numbing medicine. Nevertheless, any pain that the more sensitive patients experience quickly dissipates.

Typically, optimal results are achieved when a given area is treated in two or three repeat sessions.

Injection therapy of leg spider veins
*Individual results may vary.

After a Treatment Session

There is often some degree of inflammatory response after a sclerotherapy session. Immediately after the injections, the treated areas often look somewhat inflamed, like a bug bite, a little raised, bruised and pinkish. However, you should be able to drive home after the treatment and resume work the following day.

This initial inflammatory response often disappears within a few hours, replaced by dark blue bruising, which over time gradually fades to red or brown, before disappearing. Anti-inflammatory medications, as well as homeopathic preparations, are helpful for minimizing these symptoms.

Sclerotherapy Aftercare

Transilluminated sclerotherapy generally does not require any recovery time, however, you should wear compression stockings for a week after the treatment and avoid activities that involve heavy weight lifting, strenuous exercise or hot baths.

As with any leg vein treatment, walking after the treatment will enhance the circulation of blood in the legs and hence speed up recovery. Wearing compression stockings for about a week after the treatment will improve the outcome and often minimize the discomfort and complications associated with the procedure. Please go to compression therapy and watch the video on how to wear compression stockings.

As to sclerotherapy of hand veins, wearing compression wrap for more than a few days is not necessary.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions related to sclerotherapy, please click sclerotherapy FAQ. Dr. Dishakjian has provided answers to the host of frequent questions that patients usually ask about the procedure. Click spider and varicose vein treatment options to read about other vein treatments available at our vein clinic.

Leg vein treatment result - performed in Los Angeles by Dr. Dishakjian
*Individual results may vary.

Leg vein Sclerotherapy treatment outcome | Performedby Dr. Dishakjian in Los Angeles
*Individual results may vary.

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