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When to Consider Microphlebectomy Vein Removal

Published on March 17, 2017

Are you bothered by the visibility of purple veins on your legs? Varicose veins can be an unsightly and embarrassing condition that will make you want to hide your body. They can be uncomfortable, painful, cause itching, and even make you feel insecure.

Varicose veins may develop as a result of genetics, standing for long periods of time, and poor blood circulation where the impure blood is not pumped back from the legs to the heart. Although most commonly found in the legs, these veins can occur elsewhere in the body as well.

For those who suffer from the development and spread of varicose veins, there’s good news. You can get rid of these unsightly veins on your legs with a very simple procedure known as microphlebectomy.

What is Microphlebectomy?

Microphlebectomy is a minor vein procedure where your surgeon will make small incisions in your leg to remove unsightly twisted veins. It can be performed as an outpatient procedure in less than one hour.

What to Expect During a Microphlebectomy

To begin, your doctor will first inspect the area where the procedure has to be performed. After carefully marking the locations where the incisions are to be made, a local anesthetic will be given to you. Usually a saline based local anesthetic is administered on the points that are marked along the problem area.

After the area is numbed, your surgeon will make small incisions by inserting a device called a phlebectomy hook that can grasp onto sections of the vein. The vein will then be removed. The incisions measure less than one fourth of an inch and do not require stitches to be closed. Your normal blood flow will follow a new route to avoid disruption in the leg.

After the procedure is completed, a sterile solution is used to wash the leg and dressings will be applied. A compression dressing will also be applied over the first to cover the leg to the foot. The dressings are usually removed after one or two days.

To improve blood flow and minimize the chances of blood clotting, your surgeon will advise you to walk daily for about 20 minutes. Wearing the compression stockings for three days following the procedure is also recommended.

You can resume work and normal activities the same day after the procedure. You should limit the amount of heavy exercise you do for about two weeks so that the area has enough time to heal completely.

What are the Advantages of Microphlebectomy?

There are no extensive laboratory tests required to undergo a microphlebectomy since it is a minimally invasive procedure. An overnight stay in the hospital or tactility is also not necessary. Because there are no major incisions or large wounds, the recovery is faster compared to traditional vein stripping. Also since only a local anesthetic is used, there are no unpleasant side effects of general anesthesia. Any loss of blood during the procedure is minimized due to the small size of the incisions.

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You shouldn’t have to hide your legs because of unsightly veins. If you’re considering a microphlebectomy and you want to learn more about the procedure, Contact our office. Dr. Raffi Dishakjin, a skilled vein specialist, will help you with excellent precision and and unparalleled care.

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