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What Is DVT and How Can I Avoid It?

Published on July 12, 2019

DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis and is a medical condition wherein a blood clot develops within a deep vein in the body, usually in the thigh or leg.  Blood clots that develop inside a vein are also known as

Learning More About Veins

Published on May 3, 2019

Veins are elastic blood vessels that carry blood from different parts of the body to the heart. Most veins carry deoxygenated blood to the heart, the only exceptions being pulmonary and umbilical veins that carry oxygenated blood to the heart.

Compression Stockings to Address Embarrassing Veins

Published on April 10, 2019

Do you suffer from varicose veins? Are you embarrassed about your veins popping out from underneath your skin, making your legs look unattractive? There’s a way you can address this problem. You can wear compression socks and stockings that can

Treat Varicose Veins with Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation

Published on March 8, 2019

Millions of people around the world are affected by varicose veins. While this does result in problems with blood circulation in a few people; for most, varicose veins can be a massive cosmetic problem. Living with varicose veins can be

I Hate My Reticular Veins!

Published on February 6, 2019

When it comes to vein-related medical conditions, most of us have heard about varicose veins or spider veins. However, there is a third condition that is less spoken of, but almost as common – it’s called reticular veins. Reticular veins

Is Laser Vein Removal Safe?

Published on February 1, 2019

Having a lot of veins that cover your face and body can be incredibly annoying, especially if they’re prominent and not easy to hide. Veins appear suddenly in a lot of people and there’s not much you can do about

Worried About Getting a Vein Treatment?

Published on January 11, 2019

Varicose veins and spider veins can be problematic medical conditions that not only involve cosmetic concerns but also can be physically debilitating in the more severe cases. Although there are a number of medical procedures for treating veins, people are

About Spider Veins and Available Treatments

Published on November 6, 2018

Spider veins, like varicose veins, stem from the same underlying cause known as “chronic venous insufficiency” or “venous reflux”. This usually signifies a deeper problem than what we’d like to imagine. Therefore, it is best to talk to a medical

Ambulatory Microphlebectomy for Superficial Varicose Veins

Published on September 20, 2018

1 in 5 adults in the United States has varicose veins. These purple bumpy veins, usually on your legs, can be an aesthetic issue that starts to interfere with your quality of life. If you’re unlucky, it might also cause

The Anatomy of a Vein

Published on August 30, 2018

The human body is a complex system that is made up of many different components that allow it to function properly. Among the most vital components in the body are the veins. They are pathways that help to transport blood

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