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We Can Treat You Leg Spider and Reticular Veins

Published on August 15, 2019

Sclerotherapy is one of the most popular ways to get rid of spider veins and reticular veins from the body. These veins form as a bulge or a swelling, most commonly in the legs. They do not typically pose any medical concerns, but they are visible and prominent, and this can affect a person’s confidence and how comfortable they feel in their own body.

Sclerotherapy: An Effective Treatment for Spider and Reticular Veins

Sclerotherapy has been and continues to be one of the most commonly performed procedures for correction of spider and reticular leg veins. It is an easy and affordable way to restore confidence by getting rid of those unsightly veins.

This treatment is extremely effective for permanent vein removal. However, it is important to remember that it does not stop new veins from appearing. If the patient notices the growth of new veins, they will need new sessions of sclerotherapy to get rid of those.

The Science Behind the Treatment

Sclerotherapy gets rid of veins by deliberately making the affected vessels swell using a liquid solution called a sclerosant. Once the vessels swell, the flow of blood to that vessel is removed. This causes the vessel to shrink and scar. The scarred vessels are eventually reabsorbed by the body, making the visible reticular veins and spider veins disappear.

What Is the Sclerotherapy Process Like?

The process is relatively simple and involves using a syringe to inject the sclerosant into the targeted veins. There is no need to administer anesthesia during the procedure. Treatment is only minimally invasive and takes less than an hour to complete, and the patient can return to their daily schedule right after the surgery.

There is an element of waiting when it comes to sclerotherapy – it will be a few weeks before the patient can see their full results. There may be some improvements after the surgery, but the process through which the blood and lymph vessels are affected is a slow one. The body takes time to absorb the tissues as well.

What Happens After Sclerotherapy?

As the process is permanent, there is no fear of the veins staying visible on the body after the treatment and follow-up care period is over. Closed veins take time to scar, but once they do, they collapse into themselves and get reabsorbed by the body.

Those who wish to prevent new spider and reticular veins from forming should take preventative measures against new veins appearing. Discuss these measures with Dr. Dishakjian during your consultation.

Contact Us and Schedule Your Consultation

Prominent spider veins and reticular veins in the legs can be extremely unattractive and can make anyone feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, experienced vein specialist Dr. Raffi Dishakjian can help you address these concerns.

During a consultation, Dr. Dishakjian will ask you about your aesthetic goals, examine the offending reticular and spider veins, and answer any questions that you may have. If you’re interested in learning more about the sclerotherapy treatment, contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

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