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The Benefits of Compression Therapy for the Venous System

Published on August 2, 2018

Compression therapy is beneficial to the venous system because it can improve blood flow throughout the body to the heart. The venous system is the network of blood vessels throughout the body. But before we jump into any of its benefits, let us first understand compression therapy.

What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy involves using controlled pressure to support the veins in a sore area of the body. While applying pressure, the blood flow from a specific area to the heart is improved. This can help relieve any pooled blood in a specific region of the body and help to alleviate any discomfort associated with the pooled blood.

Compression therapy is rather simple and the treatment is performed using compression stockings, socks, elbow sleeves, and masks. All patients have to do is simply wear them during the day and remove them at night.

The Benefits of Compression Therapy

Compression therapy mostly benefits people who suffer from chronic venous diseases. It can help with varicose veins and spider veins. The compression stockings help support the legs, boost circulation, and will leave you feeling better with improved energy throughout the day.

Improves Athletic Ability

Compression therapy has been known to be quite effective and is used by athletes to restore flexibility, promote faster healing, and improve maneuverability while training. Oftentimes, compression therapy is combined with massages and ice compresses to increase its effectiveness.

Treats Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis or DVT is when a blood clot forms in veins that lie deep in our bodies. Although it commonly occurs in the lower legs, it can occur in other areas of the body as well. If you have developed DVT you are likely to experience difficulty walking, have some swelling, and notice some slight discoloration due to the clotted blood.

Compression therapy using graduation compression socks are an effective way to prevent DVT. The pressure applied by the socks help the blood to flow to the heart thereby preventing blood clots.

Alleviates Symptoms of Lymphedema

In cases where a patient suffers from cancer to the lymph nodes, removal of the lymph nodes is required. This may lead to lymphedema, a condition in which lymphatic fluid is not properly drained, resulting in the swelling of the arms and legs. Compression therapy can help decongest the affected limbs, thus helping patients to manage lymphedema.

Circulatory Diseases

Compression therapy can be used to manage or prevent a number of circulatory diseases and provides a temporary solution to venous reflux and venous disease. They cannot eliminate varicose veins or spider veins, but it can help alleviate the pain caused by these issues.

It is a time-consuming process and patients may be required to wear compression therapy aids for as long as two years in cases of conditions like DVT.

Before undergoing this therapeutic treatment, it’s best to discuss the details behind it during a consultation with your surgeon. Your physician will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition and how to go about the treatment.

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