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Prominent Chest Veins? We Can Help!

Published on August 17, 2017

Telangiectasias, more commonly known as Spider veins, are red and purple colored veins which are around 1 millimeter in size. They can be seen anywhere on the body. In most cases, patients request for treatment options for the veins seen on the chest and legs. The veins seen in these areas are usually caused by several factors including trauma, hormones, or systematic diseases such as liver disease or scleroderma.

On the other hand, reticular veins are blue and green in color. They are present under the skin. When they increase in size, they become the cause of the growth of spider veins. In women, these veins are usually seen as a result of hormones and pregnancy. The occurrence of reticular veins on the trunk of men; on the other hand, can be the result of certain medical conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, blood clots, or DVT.

In some cases, these veins may disappear with age. Situations where they don’t may call for the intake of Vitamin k and herbal supplements, and the use of topical ointments. However, these may offer only a minimal solution to the problem. Another temporary solution some opt for is self-tanning, which may conceal the veins. The only permanent solution is the proper medical treatment.

By taking into consideration the depth, size, and nature of the veins, your doctor can prescribe the ideal chest vein treatment for your individual needs.

The choices available to you include:

• Laser vein removal
• Intense pulse light treatment
• Sclerotherapy

Laser Vein Removal

Today there are several types of advanced lasers available to treat unsightly veins. During the consultation process, your doctor will develop a detailed plan suited for your individual needs as a solution to your problem. The plan will usually involve the use of different variants like the CoolTouch CTEV, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Nd:Yag laser, or Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL).

The use of laser vein removal is suitable for all skin types and is usually a painless procedure. They provide an effective and safe solution for this issue. They have long lasting results if patients are cautious about restricting their exposure to the sun and always using sunscreen.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment

IPL machines make use of broadband light (unfocused) which is emitted through a handpiece. IPL is different because the other lasers make use of single wavelength or monochromatic light. When compared with laser therapy wherein the laser light hits a target of a single color, IPL can hit targets of different colors. On top of this, IPL penetrates much less as compared with other laser treatments.

IPL is often suggested as an option when damage from the sun causes superficial broken capillaries to appear on the body. They are mostly seen in delicate areas like the chest and the face. Your doctor will apply a cream to numb the target area before the procedure. A skin ointment to protect the treated sight will also be provided after the procedure.


The sclerotherapy treatment consists of a medication (sclerosing agent) which is injected into the main vein. The sclerosing agent helps in making the problematic veins invisible. The use of this option is viable in cases where the patient has thick veins. The precautionary measures are the same as followed in laser vein removal.

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With the proper treatment, the problem of unsightly veins can be solved for good. Dr. Raffi Dishakjian, a highly skilled vein specialist, can talk to you about your treatment options and help you get rid of your veins. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today!

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