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Varicose Veins Photos - Case #3710


This are the photos of the legs of a female patient from Moormark, Ca. The patient, in her mid-fifties, had bulging varicose veins and a network of spider veins that gave the impression of a bruised area. The patient also complained that her legs were feeling heavy, and that she had frequent leg cramps, especially at night.

The Ultrasound mapping of the patient’s legs by Dr. Dishakjian indicated that the patient suffered from venous reflux. After consulting with the patient, Dr. Dishakjian proposed that endovenous laser therapy, EVLT would be the best options and that she may require one or two sclerotherapy sessions one month following the EVLT procedure.

The EVLT procedure was performed on May 2015. The patient was surpised that she had hardly felt any discomfort or pain during the procedure. The EVLT treatment was followed by only one sclerotherapy session in June.

When seen again later in the year, for evaluation, the patient expressed great satisfaction for the treatment result and the fact that her legs appeared much younger. She also said that she never experienced leg cramps since her treatment and that her legs were not feeling heavy as before. That was the time when the after the treatment photos were taken by Dr. Dishakjian.


Varicose Veins
Varicose Veins
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