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Vein Clinic Patient Expectations

The atmosphere and treatment approach of Nu Vela Vein Center are what you should expect of sophisticated vein centers and medical spas. The facility is elegant, comfortable, and spotless. No pressure, no drama, no attitude – just respectful, top-notch service.
Aging, the environment and other circumstances may have taken a toll on your appearance and the health of your venous system. Dr. Dishakjian can help turn back the hands of time with advanced, innovative techniques coupled with his personal, caring approach to patient care. The vein center uses only the latest, proven, technology-driven equipments, such as the Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT),Venefit (former Vnus) Radiofrequency  systems, and cutting-edge lasers, designed to safely and effectively achieve the results you expect. Our highly-skilled staff receives direct supervision from Dr. Dishakjian for all non-medical procedures.
During your consultation, Dr. Dishakjian will personally discuss your expectations, concerns and needs with honesty, courtesy and most of all, with an informed, experienced medical approach. Cosmetic and vein treatment options will be offered based upon your individual situation to keep you safe, while providing you with options for the best possible outcome.
Your initial consultation will include:

  • Review of your medications, medical and surgical history and past cosmetic treatments.
  • Discussion of why you want the procedure, your expectations and desired outcome.
  • An honest and detailed discussion of a vein treatment plan that is specifically tailored to meet your needs and expectations.
  • Review numerous ‘before and after’ pictures.
  • Review payment plans and insurance coverage (only for varicose vein treatment).

At the end of your consultation, you will feel well informed and respected. Note that consultations with the doctor are free with the purchase of any service. We charge a nominal refundable consultation fee for the first office visit only. This fee is fully credited towards a subsequently purchased service. Note also that free consultation does not include the diagnostic venous Ultrasound test that is often a requirement for the proper diagnosis of varicose vein disease and the identification of the source of venous reflux. However, 75% of the ultrasound fee is also credited back to the patient towards the future cost of a varicose vein treatment; not sclerotherapy injections.